In the morning we will take the Vista Dome train to the village of Aguas Calientes to visit the famed city of Machu Picchu, described by Mallku as the Crystal City and City of Light. The legendary beauty of this magnificent home to Incan Priests and Priestesses defies description. Here, Amaru will spin his magic, so you have the opportunity, through meditation, to transcend dimensions and time.  There are many trails and power sites to explore here, and we will have ample opportunity for ceremony to open to a deeper experience of the intrinsic energy of this amazing city of temples. Over night at the village of Machu Picchu Pueblo. (LUNCH)

Beyond the visible and the invisible, where time meets timeless, and dimensions collide...embark on a journey of emergence and transformation...

Peru Itinerary

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Journey to the Crystalline Portals of Peru

Sample Itinerary

(with optional 4 day add-on)

May 15th - LIMA

Arrive in Lima, reception and transportation to the hotel.

May 16th - PUCUSANA

Departure to the traditional fishing village of Pucusana to honor the lingering Lemurian harmonic of the Pacific and its magic. The morning is spent on the ocean experiencing the welcoming energy of the Great Feminine and the joyful dolphins. Become One with all that flows.


Depart for our morning flight to Cusco transferring to the Sacred Valley. On the way to our lodge we will stop at Chinchero and visit the amazing Earth Altar. Discover the Magic of Hatun Chincana at this initiatory center. This Waka or ‘sacred place’ carries a vibrational energy which permits travel to the dimension of the soul. (LUNCH)


Morning visit to Moray, an ancient Inca site with circular terraces used to create exceptional conditions or micro climates that fostered domestication, acclimatization and hybridization of a wide array of wild vegetable species that were modified or adapted for human consumption. Here Mallku will introduce the advanced techniques of the Incas. Later, we will explore the absolutely unique and ancient sanctuary of Ollantaytambo, where the buildings still retain the original architecture of the Incas. Our climb to the top takes us to the Sun Temple, whose huge granite blocks were mysteriously placed overlooking the village and the Urubamba River. Overnight in the Sacred Valley (LUNCH, DINNER).


Early morning entry to Machu Picchu to take part in ceremony for a deeper journey on the inner path to gain an awareness of our soul’s unique purpose. Again Shaman Amaru summons the dimensional portals. The arrival of this new time awakening on Pachamama creates a cosmic wave and light influence which we will have the chance to celebrate here in Machu Picchu sending light and transforming our own path in a solar experience. We take the train to Cusco (the navel of the world) for a four night stay. (LUNCH)


Morning visit to Tipon, an ancient agricultural site with many terraces and an intricate irrigation system that culminates at a Water Temple. We stop in Cusco and then on to visit Amaru Machay, the Cave of the Serpents where we will have guided ceremonies in these powerful locations. Continue to Q'enqo, the sacred place of the Puma. Overnight in Cusco. (LUNCH, DINNER)


Today we will explore the Inca town of Pisac. The entire mountain behind the village is considered a sacred archaeological treasure. We will drive several miles up to the top, from which, we can hike downhill past ancient sites and burial grounds along an empowering trail with breathtaking views. We arrive at Inca altars and ceremonial places and in a release meditation, discover your inner power and mastery.  Later, we’ll visit Saqsaywaman, which is an enormous ancient site, with the Great House of the Sun, and where the head of the Puma of Cusco resides. Its megalithic, zigzag stone walls were pieced together with amazing skill, with drawings of snakes and other Andean symbols like a lightening bolt. Return to Cusco and rest. (LUNCH)


In the morning we discover the House of the Moon, an amazing place related to Sacred Feminine energies; return to the hotel. Afternoon on your own for personal touring, shopping, etc.  An evening celebration with local dances and Andean musicians. (DINNER)

May 24th - CUSCO/PUNO

Morning departure for Lake Titicaca, stopping along the way at the magnificent Temple of Wiracocha. This is a beautiful ride with plenty of stops to awaken your memories of the power of the Apus or Mountain Spirits with opportunities for photos along the way. We will arrive at our hotel in Puno in the late afternoon. (LUNCH)


This morning we cross the highest navigable lake in the world to the island of Amantani. The spiritual leader of the community will lead us in a powerful offering for Pachamama. Tonight we share with the locals and stay in their homes which will be one of the most remarkable memories of the journey. At night celebrate again with the energies of the Full Moon (LUNCH + DINNER).


Early in the morning we ascend to the temples of Pachatata and Pachamama where we present our offering to Pachamama and to Life. After a light meal, we boat back to the continent and will transfer to Puno with have a free afternoon (LUNCH, FAREWELL DINNER).


Morning visit to the Andean Taj Majal in Sillustani, another sacred site for our closing ritual and circle, then transfer to the airport for our flight to Lima, arrival and transfer to the hotel or to international connections.  End of our services in Lima, and beginning of a new path in your life with expanded opportunities for co-creation, a deep sense of peace, and ease of life.


PRICE PER PERSON: $3,430.00 Double occupancy.  If you are traveling on your own, we will gladly pair you with another sweet spirit single or there will be a $950 single supplement charge to have your own room.

+(1) 707-738-8068

*A NON-refundable deposit of US$ 750 per person is required 65 days before departure.

*Before 30 days cancellation of the day of the trip, 50% of the total as penalty.

*Before 20 days cancellation of the day of the trip, 75% of the total as penalty.

*Before 10 days cancellation of the day of the trip, 100% of the total is non-refundable.


*All transportation and visits with entrance fees

*Accommodation in hotels as described above (minimum 3*+) with daily breakfast, with the exception

of Amantani Island, which will be at the homes of locals

*Accompanied by Shamans in Andean mysticism and culture and expert English Speaking guides

*Meditations, ceremonies, shamanic experiences and offerings

*Meals as noted

*Domestic flights from LIMA/CUSCO & JULIACA/LIMA


*International flights or airport taxes

*Hotel in Lima on May 28th

*Meals besides those listed


*Personal expenses

*Travel or Medical Insurance/Expenses


Today we discover the ancient Aimara altars as we walk the sacred path on the Magical Serpent and explore the Ajayu Marka, a dimensional world with its doorways to unseen realms. Continue to the ancient path of the pre-Inca in Charkas for a salutation to the spirit of Titicaca and at the end of the afternoon, visit the Power Center of Kutimbo, for a ceremony of life times. At night connect and celebrate with Mama Killa - the Moon, (PICNIC LUNCH).


Shelle is highly aware of the importance to complete this Peruvian journey with an activation of energies and anchoring of the Divine Feminine on the Bolivian side of Titicaca.  These next few days of the ‘mission’ will be the deepest work with the Ancient energies.  By accessing pre-Incan portals we will be working with, and expanding protected energies of the still dormant continent of Antarctica and the southern dimensional gateways of the Tiahuanaco. The Guardians are ready for the initiation of the ancient crystalline energy, awaiting those choosing to come to them with impeccable integrity and deep compassion.  These Tiahuanaco Guardians will recognize the Diamond Consciousness within us as we reach into their realms to co-create Oneness and bring forth the ancient, timeless wisdom, whose time has come once again.

Each day’s ceremonies, gatherings, activations, healings, etc., will flow in accordance with the energetics of both the group and what reveals itself.

For those who feel drawn to completely immerse themselves into the ‘mission’ of this journey, please join us for the next five days.  VISA required for US travelers

THE SUN, THE MOON & Tiahuanaco


May 28th - PUNO

Morning after visit the Andean Taj Majal in Sillustani, and leaving friends at the airport, return to Puno to our hotel... with time to rest and prepare inwardly for the journey ahead.



Early morning departure to Copacabana, arrive and time to visit the church of the Patron Saint of Bolivia...the Black Madonna where we will be honoring and expanding the Bolivian’s access to the Divine Feminine. In the afternoon, we will cross the highest navigable lake in the world to the Island of the Sun for portal activation ceremonies. Lodging on the island (LUNCH, DINNER).


Early in the morning we visit the power places on the Sun island for ceremony and activation of codes of light. In the afternoon, we continue to the Moon Island with similar ceremonies and activations.  Then connect to the energies in Copacabana. Arrive and lodging in this little town (PICNIC LUNCH, DINNER).

May 31st - COPACABANA/Tiahuanaco/LA PAZ

Morning departure to ancient (pre-Inca) Tiahuanaco, visit and ancient ceremony at the Solar Temple and then continue to La Paz city for overnight. (LUNCH, CELEBRATION DINNER).

June 01st - LA PAZ/HOME

Trans to the airport, end of services, the beginning of your new life!


PRICE PER PERSON for optional Titicaca-Bolivian add-on:

US$ 475 - Double occupancy. Single occupancy - add $160 supplement.


*A NON refundable deposit of US$ 100 per person is required 65 days before departure.

*Before 30 days cancellation of the day of the trip, 50% non-refundable

*Before 20 days cancellation of the day of the trip, 75% non-refundable

*Before 10 days cancellation of the day of the trip, 100% non-refundable


*All transportation and visits with entrance fees

*Accommodation in hotels 3*** with daily breakfast (exception - Sun island, which will be in a little lodge)

*Accompanied by expert English Speaking guides/Shamans in Andean mysticism and culture

*Meditations and offerings by Andean Shamans

*All services in private for the group formed for this itinerary  

*4 meals  


*International flights nor airport taxes

*Meals besides those listed


*Personal expenses

*Other not mentioned

Note: The program may be modified if natural or political events intervene in our schedule, but we will follow the spirit of the original itinerary.


Call or e-mail for further details about these intimate Adventures to Inspire!

Shelle Elizabeth

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