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11 • 11 • 11

The Eagle & Condor

United Forever

NOVEMBER 6th to 16th, 2011

Adam DeArmon project and

Ceremonies with Jorge Luis Delgado

to open the Solar Portal

at Lake Titicaca, Peru


A Private Journey to

Copacabana & Tiwanaku, Bolivia

With Elders – Spiritual Leaders – Priests

Wisdom Keepers

To walk the road less traveled,

Visiting pre-Incan sites with timeless ceremony.

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Portal itinerary

A mission lives in this journey, this work... the activations within and without. Awakening codes of energy long dormant, accessing crystalline portals.

Every act in this reality has its effect on the whole universe and, of course, on PachaMama. With this in mind, we know that if we change our attitude, PachaMama will also change.

Through the power of soul remembrance and pure synchronicity, you will know if you are called to be on this journey to ‘work’ with hundreds of Wisdom Keepers in Peru from around PachaMama to open this sacred Solar Portal on 11-11-11.  This is a Time-Out-Of-Time portal, an initiation and activation of ancient codes locked away for eons for this significant moment in PachaMama’s story

YOU know you hold a key to these codes and are called to remember your roll in this activation...

Nov 6-16, 2011 ~ Solar Portal Activation

Jorge Luis Delgado, Aymara & Q’ero Elders

Journey into Sacred Alignment with the Cosmos and PachaMama on 11-11-11 where WE are the keys to the Golden Sun Disc Portal Activation at Lake Titicaca.

We’ll participate in Timeless Ceremonies of Activation with Peruvian Mystic and Shaman, Jorge Luis Delgado at the inter-dimensional Aramu Muru Doorway; accompany Q’ero Elders (current incarnation of the Incas) in ancient rituals of activation at Sacred Sites near Lake Titicaca...

Then onward to Bolivia via the waterways of Lake Titicaca with ‘Aymara’ Elders where we hold ceremony at ancient sites and islands off the tourist path. Activate the Crystalline Codes of the Tiwanaku Lineage, intertwining the Eagle and the Condor Forever!

Oh, beloved Cosmic Mother,

we surrender to you in munay, llancay and yachay.

We are currently raising travel funds for our Peruvian and Bolivian Elder companions.  Please let us know if you’d like to contribute, whether or not you will be joining us for this journey to fulfill your soul’s purpose.