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With  Shelle Elizabeth

Magical Adventures to activate the Ancient Mysteries within YOU!

  1. Walk through Doorways of Initiation to Activate your Keys of Inner Power and Wisdom, while anchoring light and creating portals of inter-dimensional energy.

  2. Take a Soul Journey to unleash your Fullest Potential,  awaken your Truth of Timeless Wisdom & Co-Create a New Dream!

  3. Open your Heart to the Waves of Pure Love and Peace within.

  4. Immerse yourself in Inspired Teachings by Mystery Keepers of Sacred Lands.

  5. Experience Divine Dance and Sacred Sound to Express your Creative Life Force!

  6. Feel and Embody the Empowerment of Freedom and Joy that You Are!

Many of us around the world are awakening to a profound ‘knowing’ that we are engaged in a human and planetary awakening that we have been awaiting for eons. We are drawn to sacred sites around Gaia to activate the Codes of Remembrance and Initiate the New. Do you feel your heart beat with the call of Mother Earth?

Do you hear your soul whispering... “Journey to Sacred Lands”

Now is the time to cultivate the new powerful energy vortexes. This is the powerful energy of our return to the “One.”

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