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On the shores of Beloved Kealakekua Bay, ancient memories of Aloha and Lemuria are potent. With some of the most powerful energies of creation on the planet, love abounds. Kealakekua is located about 30 minutes south of Kailua Kona on the Big Island.


The literal translation of Kealakekua in Hawaiian is “Pathway to God”…which is in itself, a pure invitation to some of the most loving, sacred and PLAYFUL creatures on the planet, the spinner dolphins, to come to this Bay to feed, rest and mate.  We’ll be joining them as they frolic and navigate the waters in front of our hideaway for the week - the “Point House”.

Lemuria Dreaming

Sample Itinerary

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Shelle Elizabeth


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California, USA

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The week will be dedicated to inner search, revelation, as well as awakening the ancient Aloha and Lemurian codes we all hold.  Utilizing the pure essence of co-creation, each guest will have the opportunity, if desired, to lead an evening of advanced metaphysical thought and conversation.  We have such unbelievable contributions to offer each other, and this time of co-creation should tap into all of our resources for sharing and awakening. Shelle will also be bringing through the Divine words of Jeshua and the Goddess Pele.

We will also venture south to the volcano and access the direct energies of the Goddess Pele, have an afternoon of Ho’Oponopono teachings with Haleaka (AKA) who is a native Hawaiian and the direct descendant of Hawaii’s highest Ali’I (Chiefs/Chiefesses) and the Kahuna Nui (highest order of priestesses), experience a night swim with the larger-than-life Manta Rays, and of course swim with the dolphins when they come into the Bay to grace us with their joy.

We are only bringing 10 guests to maintain the sweetness and purpose of this journey.   Those called to be on this particular experience will feel drawn, and know that you are meant to participate in the activations available for this particular group. 

Total cost is $1,300 per person, with a $500 deposit due to reserve your room or space. The low cost reflects the co-creative energy of this adventure.

The Cost Includes:

  1. Island transportation

  2. Meals (all meals with the exception of one dinner on-your-own in the town of Kailua Kona)

  3. 8 nights lodging (3 nights at the Kealakekua Bay Bed & Breakfast and 5 nights at the Point House on the Bay)

  4. Co-Creative energy of community, advanced teachings, and joy!

  5. Half day session with Aka

  6. Trip to the volcano

  7. Love and Aloha!

The “Point House” is truly the front seat, with nothing more than 10 feet of grass between you and the aquamarine Bay and dolphins.

Click here for an underwater experience with the spinner dolphins of Kealakekua Bay. Click here to see the spinners above water…right in front of our home in paradise!