What a loving and sacred journey!  My soul was truly honored and I feel aligned and connected with the Divine on profound levels. It is one of the most transformational experiences! --  Char J.


...A journey of love and transformation with powerfully moving meditations. The attendees who were initially strangers are now part of my family.  What I found to be most incredible was your ability to keep everyone's interest forefront in your mind so that each of us was able to process as needed. You are a remarkable healer and teacher. My life has changed forever and I am so blessed that you are part of my life.  -- Gloriana P


Thank you again for such a wonderful journey! We have been on so many of these, but this was probably the best week of our lives.  -- Tim and Anita O.


I want to thank you Shelle, for helping me awake from a very deep slumber and take the first breath of awakening. It's a moment in time that I still replay in my mind at the wonder of the great and beautiful possibilities that exist in us all. Thank you for being a conduit for the words of wisdom to flow and take effect. The message you brought to me were words I have longed to hear, mixed with an age old ache.  Dear Shelle thank you for working your magic. -- Mayasuni H


Thank you Shelle!  I have been processing like a wild woman! LOL, for the first time in my life I feel to create my life without anything holding me down and keeping me from my true potential and life purpose.  I feel light and carefree, viewing things from a ‘higher’ knowing. -- Mikaela Y


You've brought me into some deep soul-level experiences that are always fun...your trademark in my opinion :) -- M. Venuti

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