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5D Frequencies have activated new heart waves, which are pulsating in our beings, awakening and guiding us. It’s time to return to Mother Egypt as she shifts and changes also.

The ancient lands of Egypt are calling us home to fulfill our destinies.  We have previously traveled there to activate grids and codes, which are now complete. This wave of change is uprooting the old everywhere. 

Now is the time to return to cultivate the new on these powerful energy vortexes.  Return now… not to activate and heal, but to create. This is the powerful energy of our return to the “One.”

A Shift has happened...

Join Shelle Elizabeth, Oracle of all things Cosmic, Awakening of the Sacred Feminine, while uniting like-minded souls for spiritual teaching and escapades; along with our gifted and humorous Egyptologist, Amro Mounir (graduated with Honors, 1996), as we explore less traveled vortexes and return to the old ones with new hearts.

Visit (or re-visit) Cairo, Luxor and Aswan with your expanded vision and unfold the new in such ancient power places as Saqqara, the altar at Abu Ghourab (not open to tourists), Luxor, Karnack (Chapel of Sekhmet,) Abydos (The Osiran), Danadara (Temple of Hathor),  Edfu (Temple of Horus) Kom Ombo (The Temple of the Dark and the Light and Healing), Philae (Temple of Isis), and the lesser known Kalabasha Temple… with  other surprises too numerous to mention.

Enjoy all Egypt has to offer as we travel the Nile enjoying 4 and 5 Star Hotels and our luxurious Nile Cruise. Together we become a family of the heart as we journey, create ceremony and connect to become “one” with our personal resonance and the mysteries of Egypt.  Many options will be available to you during your journey including the famous market places, vendors of ancient sacred oils, traditional felucca rides, a Nubian Village visit, and much more.

Finally, we take a deep breath and integrate all that has unfolded within us on our journey as we return to Cairo for our group visit to the Paws of the Sphinx and then into The Great Pyramid for a special Private time for our group to complete our Creations for Ourselves, Earth, and the Universe.

Follow Your Heart...  Take the Leap!