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From the Peaceful Joy of the Pacific Dolphins to the Powerful Wisdom of the Andean Elders...

We shall Journey into Sacred Alignment with the Cosmos and Pacha Mama. The Cultural Gem of Cuzco is our Gateway to the Magic of Machu Picchu and the High Andes, where We’ll explore Timeless Teachings with Peruvian Mystic and Shaman, Mallku and participate in timeless ceremonies with Quechua elders (current incarnation of the Incas). From the Temples of the Sacred Valley, we’ll travel to Lake Titicaca, where we’ll Access the Creative Life Force of the Inca Priestess and Activate the Crystalline Codes of the Tihuanaco Lineage, intertwining the Serpent and the Condor!

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A mission lives in this journey, this work... the activations within and without. Awakening codes of energy long dormant, accessing crystalline portals, & anchoring the Divine Feminine - with its expanded identity of beauty, strength and grace.