Haleaka (AKA) is full of life, and spills her endless cup with great enthusiasm and love. She was born with specific gifts and was taken by her elders in her youth to be raised in the Old Ways, without electricity, television or modern conveniences. She learned from the true nature of life…the powerful forces of the earth, sun, moon, and through these…to Akua (the Creator)


She was instructed in the knowledge of her ancestors and trained in a multitude of paths. She speaks around the world, including an annual speech to the United Nations, on the ancient ceremonies and living in harmony with Creation. Ho’Oponopono is about bringing our lives into balance with the world around us…creating harmony with all things. We will be guided to step out of limitation into the light…and the beautiful power of co-creation.


Kahuna Nui Priestess

Shelle Elizabeth


+(1) 707-738-8068

California, USA

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